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I belong to Mannachhanalloor town, in Tamilnadu, India, where the past and the present shake hands.

Right from my childhood, I have been giving life to every single beautiful thing, in my dreams, that I happen to come across.  With the passion for art and craft, I started carving chalk pieces, shaping metal strings and wires, and sculpted wooden chunks- all in my own, unique style of adding value.

Destined to proficiency, I learnt the basic techniques and art of sculpting and painting that extended my boundaries.

As time drifted my interests, I was made to focus on my engineering career and for three decades I gave up the artistic face of mine. Way back in 2003, after a 30 year long, dry, days on stress and chose to retire from my services to plunge myself in the ocean of arts and crafts. Innovation was my only angle on reinventing the lost form of ancient art, merging it with contemporariness to shape out the magnificent miniatures. Yes, I shape wires too. I see the ecstasy in shaping these merely thin lines of metal to bring the most pleasurable emotions.

- Rajaraman