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Wire Sculpture Tools & Techniques:



  Make sure that the wires used for sculption ae quite flexible as flexible wires are the best for wire sculptures. Sculpting Wires are available in various material & sizes.  
  Wire Material:  
  Brass, copper, Steel, Aluminum & Silver.  
Steel wire
copper wire
Brass wire
  Wire Size:  

Wires are measured in gauges. Wire gauges ranging from 10 gauge to 28 gauge are mostly used in wire sculptures.

10g & 12g are very thick wires.
14g & 16g are heavy wires.
18g, 20g & 22g are medium heavy wires.
24g, 26g & 28g are very thin wires.

wire gauge
wire gauge size

Pliers and Cutters:

  Pliers & Cutters are basic tools required for shaping wires. There are two type of joints used in these tools - box joint & Lap Joint.

Lap Joint Pliers and Cutters
box joint Pliers and Cutters

There are four main types of pliers used in wire sculpting. They are Flat Nose pliers, Round nose pliers, Chain nose pliers & Bent chain nose pliers. Each plier has its unique usage in sculpting.

  Flat Nose:  
These pliers are broad with a flat jaw. Used for gripping & holding wires, creating angular bends, opening and closing jump rings.

Flat Nose Plier
Wire Sculpture_Flat Nose Plier
Flat Nose Plier
Wire Sculpture_Flat Nose Plier
  Round Nose:  

These pliers are Smooth and have round jaws. Used for making loops and bends in wire.

Round Nose Plier
Wire Sculpture_Round Nose Plier
  Chain Nose:  

These plies are smooth and have flat and pointed nose. Used for gripping, tucking wire ends & getting into tight places.

Chain Nose Plier
Wire Sculpture_Chain Nose Plier
Chain Nose Plier
Wire Sculpture_Chain Nose Plier
  Bent Chain Nose:  

These pliers are smooth and have a nose bent at either 45 degree or 90 degree. Used for Getting into tight places, picking up small parts, opening and closing rings.

Bent Chain Nose
Bent Chain Nose
  Other Pliers:  
  Household Plier:  

Household Pliers - Usually they come with one built in wire cutter & Shear-cutter in side of the pliers. Used for larger gauge wire.

Household Plier
Wire Sculpture_Household Plier
  Rosary Plier:  

These pliers are used to create Loops and bends.

Rosary Plier
Rosary Plier
  Combination Plier / Forming Plier:  
There are various jaw combinations available in market to bend wires, or to strip metals to specific shape such as Concave / Convex Forming, Round / Flat Nose Forming, Round / Concave Forming, Square / Round Forming, Rectangle / Oval Forming & Round / Concave Forming.

Combination Plier / Forming Plier
Wire Sculpture_Combination Plier / Forming Plier
Combination Plier / Forming Plier
Combination Plier / Forming Plier
  Slim-line Plier:  

Slim-line Plier
Wire Sculpture_Slim-line Plier

Cutters are used to cut wires in two different shapes- Sharp-edge & Flat edge.

cutter - Sharp edge cut
cutter - flat edge cut

There are 4 major cutter types available. They are Metal Shear, Slim-line Flush Diagonal Cutters, Flush End Cutters & Wire cutters.

  Metal Shear:  
  These cutters are used to cut heavy metal sheets and heavy wires with minimal effort.

Metal Shear
Wire Sculpture_Metal Shear
  Diagonal Cutter:  

Used to work on sides or edges of wires.

Diagonal Cutter
Wire Sculpture_Diagonal Cutter
  End Cutter:  

Mostly used to cut corners of flat surface and wires.

End Cutter
Wire Sculpture_End Cutter
  Wire Cutter:  

Used to cut wire rings with a minimal effort.

Wire Cutter
Wire Sculpture_Wire Cutter

Used for picking up small objects, pinch or pull wires and create jump loops. There are many types of tweezers - pointed, blunt and tapered.

Wire Sculpture_Pincer/Tweezer
Wire Sculpture_Pincer/Tweezer

Bench vise & pin vise are mostly used in wire sculpting.

  Bench Vise:  

Bench Vises are used for holding or clamping a sculpture.

Bench Vise
Bench Vise
  Pin Vise:  

Pin vises are used to hold thin wires by one end.

Pin Vise
Wire Sculpture_Pin Vise
  Soldering Iron:  

Soldering irons are used in pairing or connecting wires.

Soldering Iron
Soldering Iron

Although not a primary wire sculpture tool, they are used to work on heavy metals & wires.

  Screw Driver:  

Mostly used to create loops.

Screw Driver
Screw Driver
  Steel Ruler: Safety Glasses:  
  Rulers with different grades in inches, mm, etc. are
used to measure wires precisely.
Always wear safety goggles that are closed on all sides
to protect eyes from any flying debri.
Steel Ruler
Safety Glasses